Commercial Glass

Your Business will speak for itself With a City Wide Makeover


Showcase Your Business

Your store showcases your business to the public. With the right showcase, your business will speak for itself. Our workmanship and materials will assure that your business can speak for itself with its storefront and cabinets. You put years of effort in your business, let our years of experience show you at your best. Your public needs to see that you are ready to serve them as they walk to the door, and that you have what they need and want once they are inside. City Wide Glass will set the stage so you can make the sales that will keep your business going strong, year after year.

Protect Your Business

A well-built storefront protects your business, too. The right materials and design will go a long way to insure that whatever risk comes its way, your business can meet it. We will work with you to assess the risks your business might face, and help you choose the best options to minimize those risks. Our experienced team knows what risks your business storefront will face and is ready to help you choose the most effective options for your business.

Dedicated service from start to finish

The professionals at City Wide Glass Ohio, Inc. work with you to achieve the results you want. We start with a quote that fully covers all the work that was discussed, continue with prompt, clean, work to give you the results we quoted. The only sign that we were there will be your beautiful new window or store front.

Wide-ranging, completely comprehensive service options:

  • Aluminum store front windows and doors
  • Custom glass
  • Storefront glass and doors
  • Plexiglass and Lexan
  • Vinyl replacement
  • Insulated and tempered glass
Choose the perfect glass for your business including tempered, laminated, and bullet-resistant options.


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